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Firefighter - Saudi National job in Saudi Arabia
Other, Saudi Arabia
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Firefighter - Saudi National job in Saudi Arabia
Other, Saudi Arabia
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Salary Range:
0 To 0 SAR /
Min. Education:
Min. Experience:
4 to 5 Years
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Job Description:

Key Purpose:

As a firefighter crew member of an ICAO crash category 10 airfield fire and rescue crew and/or a 5-person structural fire crew, you will be responsible for attending all fires, rescue and aircraft emergency states during your watch period; and where necessary undertaking firefighting, rescue operations as detailed by the senior fire manager or incident commander at the scene. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

As a firefighter, you are responsible to the Assistant Chief Fire Officer for providing input into a team environment to provide a fire and rescue service that is operationally effective to conduct both primary and secondary tasks. You will be required to work consistently, to strive to achieve a high standard of professional ability and competency at all times. 

In order to comply with all operational requirements and local regulations and orders, you will be required to hold a full working knowledge and understanding of the tasks detailed below, that encapsulate your role: 

- Contribute to the sire Section HR shift pattern to ensure that the airfield crash category and structural category is maintained to policy requirement. 

- Attend all fire, rescue and aircraft emergency states during your watch period. 

- Undertake firefighting and rescue operations involving all types of aircraft operating out of the airport 

- Fight all types of fires involving buildings, installations, vehicles and hazardous substances. 

- Operate a range of fire appliances and associated equipment. 

- Operate as a Breathing Apparatus (BA) team leader, wearer and BA Entry Control Officer. 

- You are required to be competent to current standards. 

- Render First Aid and provide casualty handling at a wide range of incidents. 

- Attend aircraft precautionary stand by tasks and special services. 

- Ensure all firefighting PPE is maintained in a serviceable condition at all times and maintained in accordance with manufacturer's contractual requirements. 

- You will be required to work both supervised and unsupervised during routine or emergency situations. 

- If suitably qualified by attendance on an appropriate course of instruction, drive and operate a range of fire and support appliances under normal and tactical conditions. 

- Inspect, maintain, operate and diagnose faults associated with fire appliances, pumps and equipment. 

- Assist in the completion of all task related documentation and records 

- Be fully competent in the use of all communication systems and protocols on fire appliances and also with personal communication systems. 

- Assist in the inspection, servicing and maintenance of a range of First Aid Fire Appliances and installed fire protection equipment. 

- Understand the operation of all fire alarm systems on the airport establishment. 

- Assist in the training of airport officials and civilian personnel in basic firefighting techniques. 

- Adopt a pro-active approach to all continuation, vocational, promotional and personal development training. Continue to develop acquisition of skills and knowledge through the maintenance of skills training (MOST) system and the continual demonstration of workplace competency. 

- Be conversant in the operation of airside fixed and portable systems 

- Carry out all other tasks allocated to you by your superiors. 

- To actively promote Safety, Health, Welfare and the Environment. 

- Ensure personal medical standards, fire trade qualifications, station specific equipment competencies are in-date and any deficiencies are highlighted to the Crew Manager. 

- Be fully competent in using workplace IT systems and maintaining customer security/processes.

Structure and reporting relationship reporting to: 

- Assistant Chief Fire Officer, through duty Watch and Crew Managers.


Key Accountabilities 


- Sees those they interact with as customers and seeks to identify and meet needs, taking swift action to resolve issues with integrity. Always alert to the customers point of view and demonstrates a sense of urgency and importance. 
- Identifies problems within own area of remit and takes responsibility for finding a solution regardless of the causes. 
- Identifies innovative ideas and solutions for everyday work problems that contribute to on-going continuous improvement and which add value to the customer. 
- In accordance with Serco governing principles, follows through and meets personal commitments in an organised and methodical manner. 
- Actively works towards ambitious personal goals, demonstrates enthusiasm and energy toward all aspects of work. Shows drive to make a difference to others at work. 

Operational Excellence 

- Interacts with others in a supportive way and in accordance with the Serco governing principles. 
- Clearly and concisely conveys information and ideas that engage others. 
- Demonstrates proactive team working and collaboration with others, role modelling the belief that the whole team is greater than the sum of the individual parts. 
- Maintains effectiveness when experiencing changes in work responsibilities or environment. 

People and Culture 

- Shows respect for individual differences and perspectives amongst colleagues. 
- Effectively manages their time, resources and relationships to ensure that work is completed efficiently. 
- Supports the development of colleagues through provision of timely and constructive feedback and by willingly sharing own skills, knowledge and networks. 
- Remains calm in uncertain or challenging situations and consistently behaves in a manner that is acceptable to others. 
- Takes responsibility for own personal impact and development, focusing on increasing self-awareness as well as identifying new areas for learning and professional development. 
- Essential technical and professional skills, knowledge and qualifications 


- A demonstrable competency record within the role of an aviation firefighter. 
- Must pass medical and fitness standard. 


- Experience in structural firefighting 
- In date Operational Breathing Apparatus Wearers Assessment. 
- LGV licence 
- Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (DCPC) 
- Emergency Response Driver (Appliance) 
- Additional/special features of the role 
- Ensure compliance with the Serco Management System and all relevant business processes, procedures and work instructions to deliver all work with appropriate quality and governance standards 
- Ensure security and integrity of all data provided including reporting performance, finance and customer information; reference Serco non-disclosure policy 
- To exercise personal duty of care for their own health, safety and welfare and for those affected by their acts or omissions; reference SMS GSOP-HSE1-6 Serco organizational HSE responsibilities 
- Ensure compliance with all training requirements of Serco and ensure adherence to these requirements at all times whilst in employment 
- Report any accidents, incidents, breaches or potential breaches to appropriate management or the speak up process 

Serco is committed to Equal Employment Opportunities and is committed to ensuring the safety of all of its employees through its Zero Harm initiative.