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Turn Your Negativity Into Something Positive
No matter how great your job is, there might be something about it that gives you reason to complain. Or, maybe your job isn't so great and you have a lot to complain about! That certainly happens too. Negativity in the workplace can be harmful though. It brings people down, lowers productivity, and is as contagious as the flu. All those things you don't like about your job may actually get worse or at least feel like they are worse. Certainly complaining for the sake of complaining is never a good thing. However, could complaining be productive? Yes, it can, but only if you are doing something to resolve the problems that exist in your workplace.

Sometimes not talking about the things that bother us, whether at work or at home, is like having the proverbial elephant in the room. You know it's there, but no one acknowledges its existence. Talking about problems lets you and your co-workers figure out how to fix them. Read Turning Negativity into Positive Action to learn how to use workplace negativity to implement change.