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Looking for work
Looking for a job requires a positive attitude and careful planning. Job hunting is hard work but it can also be a journey of discovery. Your motivation level will affect your chances of finding employment.

You will feel much more confident approaching this new phase if you have done some thinking and preparation. It also helps to understand the job search as a process. Mastering this process is a very important step to developing skills in managing your own career. There are four steps to take when looking for work:

Step 1: Preparing to look for work

  • think about what you are really interested in and about your career goals
  • collect and organise all relevant information about your skills, experience and attributes for a career portfolio
  • find out what employers want.
Step 2: Looking for a vacancy

  • know where to look for work
  • plan your job search systematically
Step 3: Applying for positions

know how to apply for a job
know how to prepare for an interview
Step 4: Reviewing your progress

  • learn from each job application and interview
  • think about what you could do differently