Top 7 Accountant Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Today finance is one of the most attractive fields for job seekers. They plan their financial career because it is one of the most important departments for any business. It isn’t only dependent on banking jobs but has a lot of opportunities. An economic environment manages and tracks organizational finance. There are thousands of opportunities could be seen in the section of accountant jobs in Saudi Arabia. It includes analyst, payroll management, finance controller, tax manager and much more.

Professional Accountant Jobs in Saudi Arabia

If you’re seeking for opportunities in the vast field of finance/accounting. Here we’ve enlisted top 7 accountant jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Finance/Accounts Manager:

An accounts manager is considering as an analyst. S/he evaluate all of the organizational financial records and present a report to top management. Such evaluation is beneficial in profit maximization as well as risk reduction. The specific are of evaluation within an account jobs in Saudi Arabia is:
  • Organizational Investment Review
  • Cash Management Implementation
  • Consolidation
The academic requirement for an accounts manager in Saudi Arabia is bachelor’s degree in finance, accounts, business administration, and economics. Candidate holding such qualification may easily pursue their career in the field.

Tax Accountant

The duty of a tax accountant is to maintain, update and prepare all tax returns that accurately comply with the state as well as federal laws of taxes. A tax accountant well-search tax issues along with different discussions according to organizational requirement. Someone interested in pursuing their career as a tax account must own bachelor’s degree in finance, accounts and business administration. Command on Microsoft Excel, CPA license, excellent communication skills, and experience in the same field are other core field requirements.

Account Auditor

An accounts auditor is one with the responsibility of evaluating all organizational finance and operational activities to regulate various processes. They need to interact with different departments for data and document collection. The required qualification for an accountant is a 16-year education in accounting along with CPA classification. Holding an experience in same is also required.

Senior Accountant

A senior account job in Saudi Arabia is available with the responsibility of revenue and direct cost data management, collection and analysis. They are accountable of:
  • Record/Asset Management
  • Liability and Revenue Management
  • Transactions Reconciling
  • Summarizes Financial Status
If you’re interested in enhancing your career as a senior accountant you must hold a degree of bachelors in accounting and finance. It also requires strong research skills, proficiency in Microsoft Excel and different financial software.

Insurance Accountant

An insurance accountant is one with the accountability of calculation and reports periodic contribution according to the insurance policy or health plan. The other responsibilities of this position are:
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Support in Reinsurance Contracts
  • Management of Payable and Receivable Section
Candidate should hold bachelor’s degree in accounting, CPA license and previous experience for the same position.

Accounting Director

Accounting director is a senior position in the organizational accounts department. The accountabilities of this position include:
  • Preparing Accounts Strategies
  • Strategies and Processes Incorporation
  • Regular Performance Evaluation
  • Advice Management
Accounting directions is an executive level position within accountant jobs in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it requires at least 10 years of experience as a senior accounts manager along with minimum bachelor’s degree in accounts.

Corporate Accountant

A corporate accountant is a position within an organization is accountable for observing all of the financial activities, reports submissions, insight analysis and different other management requested by the higher authorities including:
  • Budget Analysis
  • Maintenance of Ledger
  • Financial Research
It requires professional qualification of CPA along with minimum bachelor’s degree in accounts and finance. If someone is seeking to establish their career as an accountant in Saudi Arabia, above-mentioned positions are best for them. Accounting/Finance is a huge field with a lot of career opportunities. If someone is interested in excel the field, there are a lot of openings available online to support them. It is quite easier to search and apply for accountant jobs in Saudi Arabia through an online portal.

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