Top 5 Interview question to ensure the great hiring

What does it mean by the word great hiring? If a candidate is educated as well as skilled enough it doesn’t mean that he is a great hiring of HR department or the headhunter but along with all those qualities, the great hiring should be flexible enough to perform well in your working environment. If a candidate has a quality to adjust and perform in your working environment or the organizational culture he could be trained to improve his skills and enhance his abilities. While on the other side if the candidate is skilled well but couldn’t adjust in your culture are might be good hiring but not a great because if they found themselves uncomfortable in your environment they’ll try to find more opportunities to switch. In this article, we have sorted top 5 interview questions for the human resource department to ensure great hiring.

Top 5 Interview question to ensure the great hiring

A head hunter has an ability to judge the candidate whether they’re good or great for their organization. To assist the human resource department in the determination of great hiring some interview questions are discussed for the evaluation.

Share the experiences of your time in previous organization

This is a behavioral question should be asked by the HR department to have a glimpse of their approach to handling situation in the previous environment. Ask the candidate to share the experience of their teamwork, team lead and if they ever worked as a one man army or any other possible situation. Their goal accomplishment, as well as team management approach, will show their behavioral impact in the previous or current organization. Usually, the human resource department has set their own cultural values so this question is going to help them to know whether the candidate will adjust in their work culture or not.

What role did you mostly enjoy in your current or previous organization?

This is a follow-up question by head-hunter to seek for their great hiring, with the help of this question it would be easy to determine whether the candidate is satisfied with their role or position. If the candidate is happy and satisfied with the position or the role you’re going to hire them, they’ll be more productive for your organization or the team. A happy or satisfied candidate will try to learn the thing and seek for the directions by itself.

Why you’re not satisfied with each role?

Sometimes the candidate has played different roles but during an interview, they skipped the reason for switching so being an HR or the head-hunter it is your responsibility to ask them the reason for leaving or switching. If a candidate has switched the role for career enhancement they would be the preferred choice of your organization because they value the leadership or career growth. You may give value to such candidates and consider them in the category of great hiring.

Ask the candidate to share their long-term career goals

You’re seeking for great hiring and the candidate is seeking for career building opportunities so ask them to share the details about their long-term career goals. This thing will be you to understand whether the candidate meets your organizational culture or not. Career goals of the candidate will make it easy to decide the employee growth and retention opportunities, the candidate having long term career goal will be more potential and productive.

Unstructured Interview question should be asked

Usually, structured interview questions or interview process can ensure the same criteria of evaluation for all candidates. But if you want to determine the best fit for your culture changes the flow of your interviewee towards the unstructured conversation. Your goal shouldn’t find a new best friend but find a new potential candidate that best fits your organizational culture and could be considered as your great hiring.

To Conclude

The great hiring of human resource department is always best fits with organizational and meet with skills expectations. The interview to determine for culture fits should be crafted with cultural values of your organization so the candidates should be positively motivated for the strong fit in organizational culture.

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