How Holidays Make Employee and Organization Healthier?

During job interview usually, candidates used to discuss the greatest flaw of their previous job. It might be hard official timings that tend towards the extremely hard work. Such official culture tends towards the decreased employee productivity. Excess of working hours or the work is quite harmful to the organizational health. Keep the employee and organization healthier there should be some modifications within the culture.

Today organizations are understanding all such statics and offering paid vacations to their employees. If organizations or the management are unable to encourage their employees regarding paid vacations it may affect their performance. The organization has offered paid vacations but management doesn't encourage the employees, it tends towards a fear. If an employee isn’t enjoying their paid vacations, the strong reason is the fear behind it. The fear of losing their jobs or replacing their tasks might develop by the supervisor or the management.

While if management or the human resource department is developing a culture of balanced life. It encourages their teamwork and improves the organizational culture. It makes an employee and the organization healthier by sharing the burden of tasks and offer equal opportunities to personnel. Good leadership let their subordinates enjoy pay off to fulfill their personal duties by understanding it an important concern. They set themselves as a model to encourage and appreciate their decision. An employee with relax mind after coming back from their paid leave put more energy and efforts towards their work. An employee doing salesman job in Dammam will work more efficiently after spending a specific time period of vacations. It encourages employee retention and leads towards the healthy habits of target achievement.

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